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The Power of Belief - Part 2

The Power of Belief - Part 2

Did you know that all the layered beliefs that make up your reality system are how you experience life. At all levels.

It may not appear like this is the case, but if you open your awareness, you can see this is true by looking at the food you don’t like, the cars that you prefer, the people you prefer, the places you like or don’t like to be. It all started with a source. What was your source of belief for these things? See, beliefs are made by either direct experience or by absorbing a someone or something else’s belief that you just took to be true, perhaps from an “authority”. I put that in quotes because it is we who give our power away to this so-called authority. No one in actuality has power over you.

In my teachings, I tell my students to have an experience before creating a belief. To try and be neutral until you experience it for yourself. I mean, in the case of something dark or violent, that is an easy choice, but for all other experiences this is what I highly recommend for a fulfilling and abundant life. For example, someone may tell you a wonderful story, but their story does not mean it’s true for you. You are not going to necessarily believe that after watching a marvel movie that you can put a reactor in place of your heart to become the next iron man. Or will you? Sounds ludicrous but real life may not be that far off. Understand that your belief in something gives it the possibility to be real, and the more you and others believe in that idea the faster it can and will manifest. No matter how ridiculous the idea.

Now imagine that if a corporation or an agency has an agenda. They want you to believe something so you buy their product.. They will use decades of proven psychology research to get you to sway in favor of their products. It’s not that hard considering we’ve been buttered up for decades if not centuries by those in control of our economies.

Now imagine that this is what they do in politics. Imagine this is what they do in the medical establishments. In the education and food industries, etc, etc. Is it that hard to see how this is how things in our shared reality have been built thus far?

It is my firm belief that everything needs to have balance. But the problem here is that most of us, either on an individual level or a group level, are highly out of balance. Meaning that spiritually and emotionally we are in a civilization that does not understand our place in the universe. We are still living in a world where there are wars, humans killing humans, humans killing animals, and the planet that gave them life. We have an economy based on fear, where there are winners and losers, victims and victors. In fact, that has been our history even until today. And history by the way, is truly written by the victor. The real heroes are forgotten.

Information is powerful. Wisdom is true power.

We need to understand that we currently live in a society where people and organizations do not have anyone's best interests in mind, other than themselves as a collective for profit. It is always about profit, unfortunately. So why should I trust someone or something that puts profit above all else?

All I ask my listeners to do is to become the MASTER of their reality. To break down the patterns in all areas of your life to see how it was created and why it was created. Once you start you will realize it’s not that hard. You will begin to peel those layers where there was once confusion and you will see it’s source, raw and unfiltered. You can then re-choose how you want to create.

Do not believe all what you see on TV. Do not believe what you hear on the news. These are agencies with an agenda. Find out for yourself what is true for you. Operate out of wisdom knowing that you have an important place in this world as a way-shower. One who has the courage to face the onslaught of the popular vote in order to be the unique loving person they came here to be. One that makes decisions out of love and not fear.

This my friends, is how you change the world. Balance the universe that is within you. That you are. Focus on that and the rest will take care of itself.

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