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The Power of Belief - You can heal yourself.

My dear friends. Do you even know how powerful you really are? Do you know that there is not a circumstance or challenge you can't conquer? The further you look into the physical the more you realize that everything is just mostly space. Science proves this. And science will one day prove that we are all connected via this invisible substance that cannot be seen by the eye. Therefore, we cannot put blind trust into what our eyes can only see. Or even what our ears hear. We have to understand that life is deeper and more magical than most of us can even imagine.

I write this with Faith knowing that all roads lead home. No matter where your road has led you in the past, no matter what mistakes you think you've made, and no matter what you do for a living or how much money you make. You came here to experience the physical density of this Earth at this time. If you are reading these words, you are either awakening or are awakening to the truth of your existence and how it pertains to the universe around you. Congratulations.

We are living in a time of massive change. There has been no time exactly like this anywhere in the universe. Patterns that repeat themselves, yes. Including the pattern of our past in regards to the Atlantean downfall. The deluge. No, that is not a myth. This happened. And likely you were a part of that civilization too.

You see, we are all living in this amazing world that has unlimited capabilities. Unlimited forms of expression. Yet, here we are experiencing this one together. How amazing is that?

But, on every level, from individual to collective, there are patterns. Some great ones and some not so great. Like the seasons on our Earth, to the menstrual cycle of a woman, to the anxiety issues that seem to come up around Christmas time. Patterns are on every level, physical or energetical. The only way to stop a pattern from repeating is to dissolve the belief that is giving it form, or to create a new belief that is a higher vibration than the one previous.

You see, we all create our own illnesses. Our bodies are so fine-tuned that they can heal themselves without effort. Doctors know this. Good Doctors are here to give the body what it needs to heal. They know that the body does the rest. No one in their right mind would take credit for what the body does automatically.

So what happens when illness becomes a pattern that doesn't leave. Well, since everything is energy, there must be a cause to the effect. The cause in a lot of instances is the stuck emotional energy that gets lodged up in our energy field somewhere. Sometimes these emotions are caused by childhood trauma, long forgotton since the trials of adulthood has taken over. But yet causing physical and other issues 20 or 30 years later. Why is this? Well, there needs to be a balancing when it comes to energy. The energy that is stuck in your field needs to go somewhere. And it will go the way of water. Water finds the quickest route to flow. Same with energy. So, for example, if you have childhood trauma related to father issues, whether you were physically abused, mentally or emotionally abused, and this was not resolved, you would likely experience some form of physical issue on the right side of your body. Why the right side? Just as we are made up of the universe, our bodies are a copy of the same principles that is life in this universe. So, we are made up of a left and right, a male and female, a positive and negative polarity. This is how energy has to flow. One side is to receive, the other to send. Both on levels above you and below you. In the cells in your body, and in the cells of the solar system and galaxy. This is the beauty of life. Our bodies are essentially a map.

Ok, back on track. So this energy imbalance may show itself as a knee pain for example, on your right knee. You go to the doctor and they tell you it's a sign of old age and that it's normal. They prescribe you something for the pain. You accept this and then this becomes your reality, your daily experience. And this is where the problem lies. Your belief system creates your reality. So if we believe everything that we are told by our friends, family, peers, colleagues, newscaster, actor, politician, etc, then that very thing, whether it's good or bad for us, then becomes an eventual reality.

It's about understanding how reality creation truly works. Starting at the foundation level.

Ask yourself. What do you believe in? Do you believe that you can heal your body? Do you believe that you can find a fulfilling relationship? Career? Maybe you have experiences that "taught" you otherwise. And that these very experiences are feeding the loop that continually expresses and thus manifests in your life as a hard reality that you really don't want.

Do you see what I am saying here?

If you have experienced something bad in the past. What were your beliefs at the time? Look HONESTLY at yourself and dig deep.

When I think to myself all the nasty stuff that happened to me, I can honestly say that 100% what I had thought, felt and believed at the time, every single one of the nasty things that happened was because of ME and my beliefs. This is the responsibility part. This is the hardest part. You see, ego's don't want to admit they are wrong. They want to put the blame on someone or something else. "My Dad did this to me". "My family put me in this situation". "Society did this to me". Etc.

The second that you can say. Yes, I accept responsibility for what has happened in my life, you become POWERFUL. You become free.

You then start to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions. You start to break down the beliefs that no longer serve you and make new ones that do.

You then start to allow the magic of the universe to flow into your life to create your new beliefs. This includes physical health, finances, career and relationships. And everything else. This is the core of reality creation. Whether you believe it right now or not, you are creating your life moment by moment. And when we fully realize this, there is this light switch that goes off, and you might say to yourself, WOW. Life is amazing. Life is magical. Life isn't scary. The opposite of what we've been taught. Isn't that strange?

This path takes courage. Because you will be an outlier. You will be someone who will be faced with criticism from your friends, family, colleagues and society in general. It is something you may not have been able to handle before your awakening. But because of your recent experiences and experiments with yourself and reality creation, your Faith in yourself and the Universe becomes unshakeable. You are the trend setter. Through your experiences you will automatically inspire others to be their best, without effort, and usually without extra words.

To sum this up. Begin to break down your beliefs that no longer serve you. Ask yourself what frightens you. And why? What is the cause? The human mind fears what it does not understand. Shine the light of your consciousness on the issue and watch it dissolve. The power it once held over you will vanish. Keep doing this layer by layer.

Spend time with yourself. Get to know the real you. Spend time in nature. Away from your phone and electronics. Be the person you came here to be.

See you next time.


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